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Elisabeth Hackemesser

Hey! so you're interested in me, huh? well... what is there to know about me...? I was born In Germany. Started doing art since I could dip my hands into paint and plop them on a paper. My family moved to New Zealand when I was six, which is when I started going to school. I Made this website at school as a mini project. I hope that this website is finished on friday, which is when It's due. If it's not, then I'll work on it more in my own time (hopefully).


Some of my personal favourite pieces of art...non of which are new

Dragon Monsters doodles doodles marylin
doodles Flower Moth doodles Lineart
Illustration Illustration doodles mermaid guy
Fish portraits goats Foxes witch


What do you want to grow up to be?

An Artist, of some sort. I like all kinds of art, whether it be painting, Illustrating, animating, designing, doodling, sculpting, crafting etc. I don't really have a general favourite out of all those. Right now I just want to start Illustrating some childrens books, until I decide to do something different.

Would you draw something for me?

Sure, I don't mind making a little sketch for my friends for free, or a finished piece for their birthday. Unfortunately for the majority of people that I don't or barely know, I will ask for a reasonable amount of money depending on the size of the task.
I may be busy living my life and doing things that I have to do, therefore I may decline or postpone any comissions.


Email me with any questions or requests, but please don't spam me with anything.
My email is in the box below :)